It is noticeable that the stock at 41 major ports have saw a continuous falling trend from 100Mt in March to 80Mt in middle June. And the imported iron ore port stock has always been the indicator of demand-supply in Chinese imported iron ore market.

However, the iron ore shipment arrived at major ports in N. China and daily offtake volume from 41 ports didn¡¯t see a significant change during March to Jun. Then what is the major reason of sharp drop in port stock? Where has the 20 Mt stock disappearing from the ports really gone?

In order to seek for deeper knowledge about the port stock and shipment arrived, as well as the demand from those steel mills that are situated nearby ports, Mysteel especially chooses Shandong province as our 1st stop of ¡°Mysteel 2015 Port Stock Due Diligence Visit¡± where three ports and three steel enterprises will be our visiting targets. The ports to be visited are the most active ports in Shandong Province even in China. Meanwhile each of the steel mills to be visited has its own typical characteristics, including different ownership, procurement strategy, fiscal performance and etc.

Date: Aug 3-6th 2015
Qingdao, Shandong, China

Note: The above preliminary itinerary is subject to alternation and the final edition will be published in due course before the visit.

Introduction of Ports/Steel Mills to be Visited

1¡¢Qingdao Port
Located in Qingdao City and the seventh biggest port in world. 468 million tonnes handling capacities have been finished in 2014. Equipped with 30 million tonnes yard volumes.
Delegate: Vice General Manager
Current Production Status: Normal

2¡¢Rizhao Port Co., Ltd
Located in Rizhao City. Equipped with 2 special berths for 200,000 tonnes iron ores and 1 berth for 300,000 tonnes iron ores. 14 general berths for iron ore loading and unloading. Storage capacity exceeds 20 million tonnes. One of the biggest ports in China.
Delegate: Business Director
Current Production Status: Normal

3¡¢Lanshan Port
Located in Rizhao City. It has advantages in land traffic, with railways directly connected to the port area, contributing a lot to goods transportation. Yard volumes reach 6.5 million tonnes.
Delegate: General Manager of Business Department
Current Production Status: Normal

4¡¢Qingdao Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd
Located in Qingdao City, state-owned enterprise. As it is nearby ports, it uses 100% imported iron ores for production. Its pig iron output achieved 2.2 million tonnes around in 2014.
Delegate: Production Manager
Current Production Status: Normal

5¡¢Weifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd
Located in Weifang City, private-owned enterprise. Equipped with two blast furnaces, 1180 m3 and 1360 m3. It mostly uses imported iron ores in production, with pig iron output of 2.31 million tonnes in 2014.
Delegate: Production Manager
Current Production Status: Normal

6¡¢Shandong Luli Steel Co., Ltd.
Located in Shouguang City, private-owned enterprise. The imported iron ore proportion for sintering reaches 83%. It makes deliveries from Qingdao Port. 2.6 million tonnes pig iron output in 2014.
Delegate: Vice General Manager
Current Production Status: Normal

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